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Monday, August 15, 2011

Mr. Nope & The Evil Thrift Store Employees

We received a ton of e-mails asking us where we found the lamp that was featured in the “We Need To Talk” post.

We purchased the lamp from a new Thrift Store we had never been to. Every week they run an ad in the Sunday paper with two 50% coupons off your entire purchase. Sweet!

This store is very junky and when you walk in it has that musty Thrift Store smell which makes you immediately sneeze. Our kind of place! C'mon now, some people love the smell of old books or a library, we just so happen to love the smell of dingy old Thrift Stores. Ha Ha!

Let us start out by saying that we always make it a point to get to know the volunteers or employees at the Thrift Stores we frequent. However, this one is the exception. Most of the employees are rude and unwilling to help. For example, if they catch you sharing the extra 50% off coupon with a customer that doesn’t have one then they won’t honor yours. So stupid! Now we just do it on the down low. I just go to the back of the store and give someone the extra one that you aren’t going to use while looking over your shoulder to make sure none of the employees see you. I feel like a criminal!   

Speaking of the back of the store, behind the “Employees Only” doors I swear there is a Night Club going on. You can hear the base thumping through the walls and faint sounds of the employees saying “Yo, that’s my song, turn it up” or “Work it girl, show me what you got”. But as soon as they walk through those double doors they have their game face on. You better watch out!

On this particular day, we walked in and it was like the heavens had parted. OMG, look at that lamp! We had never seen anything like it before. Was it an Antique or was it Vintage? Our minds were racing with questions and ideas. The price tag on the lamp said $30.00. The frame was bent and leaned to one side and there were cracks throughout the base and neck of the lamp. It wasn’t worth $30.00 to us. So we went to find some help and met Mr. Nope.

Mr. Nope is about 90 years old, works and walks at a snail’s pace and just so happens to be the most crotchety old man we have ever met. Unfortunately, you have to go through him with any furniture or large item questions or to purchase the item so he can write up a ticket to take to the cashier and pay. Our conversation went something like this.

Angela: Hi! How are you on this fabulous Saturday? (No Answer) It sure is a beautiful day. (No Answer) Um…Do you know if this lamp is Vintage or an Antique?

Mr. Nope: Nope

Angela: Do you know anything about it? Where it came from or who donated it?

Mr. Nope: Nope

Angela: Does it work?

Mr. Nope: Nope

Angela: Thirty dollars is a bit out of our price range. Can you by chance do any better on the price? (We had no idea about the 50% off coupon)

Mr. Nope: Nope

Angela: Okaaaay...Is there someone we could maybe speak to and ask if the price is negotiable?

Mr. Nope: Nope

Angela: What about a manager?

Mr. Nope: Nope, she is at lunch

At this point he was really making me mad. Is this a joke? Man he is rude and so unwilling to help. I could feel my blood pressure rising.

Angela: Do you always answer all your questions with nope?

Mr. Nope: Nope

I was probably standing there with my mouth wide open. The nerve! But then I remembered when you reach a certain age…like 80 or 90 providing great customer service is the least of your concerns and you tend to speak your mind.

My grandma, who is in her 90’s, comes to mind. If I haven’t seen her in a couple of weeks the first question she asks me is "You haven’t gained any weight back now have you?" No Grandma. "Are you sure?" Yes Grandma. "Those pants are looking a little tight." WOW! Thanks for noticing, Grandma. 

Luckily, I was pulled aside by this really nice volunteer who overheard the entire conversation. She whispered that they are not supposed to do this but here’s a coupon for 50% off your entire purchase and asked that I not tell anyone where I got it. Geez, what do they make you do when your hired at this place? Make you sign away your first born? At least someone with a kind heart actually works here. I wonder how long she will last before they get to her.

I bet you are wondering if we will ever go back. Heck yeah and with our 50% coupon in hand! At these prices, we will endure the abuse. LOL

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Lisa - A Room with A View said...

Very amusing post and great lamp! Wouldn't it be nice if you had a pic of Mr. Nope to share here!

Lolly Jane said...

geez our 65 yr old mom is a speak your mind person, sometimes it embarasses us in front of strangers!! (:

we love that dirty thrift store smell too...lol!


Prudently Painted Vintage said...

Yeah that was a pleasant visit. Ok not really, but at least you got an "in" on the coupons. I really have a love hate relationship with thrifting lately. everything seems so overpriced and I don't have 50% off coupons. Darn!

Elena said...

I like the lamp. I love the idea!

kristiB said...

Sounds like the thrift store I used to go to!!! They are so rude, but can't stand rude people ( so low-class) so I won't be going back. I'd rather give nice friendly people my money , give you a lot of respect for being able to put up with their nonsense :D

Brie said...

how crazy! makes for a good story though. thrift stores can definitely be interesting places!! thanks for stopping by my blog! :)

Brie @ BreezyPinkDaisies

scrapfancy said...

To funny. I just went to the Humane Pet Thrift shop and it was a hassle checking out. If you come in okay but let's see if we can change the price checking out. LOL
Have fun next time with those 50% off.

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